The Broadway Theatre

Mekwin: The Gift (School Matinee)

1:00 PM / Broadway Theatre

The 9th installment of 10 in the Rez Christmas series. Zula Merastee is expecting company this Christmas, her youngest granddaughter. Meanwhile, Sihkos lies in the hospital, having been accidentally struck by a snow blower. Having eavesdropped on the doctor, Clare learns that Sihko's condition may be far more serious than they had thought. (Playwright: Curtis Peeteetuce)

This performance is available to educational program groups only - please contact The Broadway Theatre box office to purchase seats for your organization! (306) 652-6556

Directed by Danny Knight
Performed by:
Wanita Singing Bird
Shawn Cuthand
Ezra Forest
Dalton Lightfoot

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