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Blessed with Stuck and Adolyne (Black Cat Tavern)

Friday, November 18, 2022
9:00 PM / Blackcat Tavern
Offsite Event

BLESSED w/ STUCK and ADOLYNE Black Cat Tavern Friday November 18th, 2022 9PM Doors / 10PM Start Time 19+ w/ Valid ID

Blessed Blessed's sophomore release, “Circuitous”, cements and expands on their status as a band’s band: a patient, eclectic career outfit guided by the intense pursuit of an internally-dictated creative agenda. Here, the group has sharpened their strengths, bringing an ever-growing depth of songwriting and artistic evolution to their craft.

Composed from hours of jam material and hundreds of demos, “Circuitous” comprises eight tracks that sprawl and thrash and burst and fall — a sweeping, hyperreal, industrial art-rock tragedy rendered in walls of noise, controlled drums, meandering ambience, and staccato syncopation. The record speaks on agoraphobia, isolation, grief, the hyper-control of capital and the numbness it breeds.

Stuck Stuck create music to bring tension to the forefront, pushing knotted post-punk to its breaking point, both lyrically and sonically. It’s a kick in the teeth of complacency. Stuck keep one foot in and one foot out of contemporary post-punk, drawing their own noise rock influences into the mix, creating something heavier and more feral. The band’s sound is tight, jagged, and discordant, but there’s a great deal of aggression in their approach. They manifest tension into muscular riffs and colossal rhythms, skirting between the deranged and abrasive, with sonically compelling structures and focused songwriting. The biting and often sardonic lyrics work together with the tightly wound music, a symbiosis in antagonistic spirit.

Adolyne Exhausted misanthropes, world weary fuck-ups, and End-Times enthusiasts gather 'round, we've got your house-band right here. "...really fucking good if abrasion, self-loathing, discord and flirtations with the edge of out of control gets you hard/wet.” - Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine "More than a band, it's a primal scream, a rejection of comfort, and a point of convergence for all extremes and abysses" - Metal Oddities

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