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SALT SHAKER: The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, The Garrys, Mason Melle

Friday, July 7, 2023
9:00 PM / Danceland at Manitou
Offsite Event

Doors open at 8PM, show starts at 9PM!

The Salt Shaker Festival is coming July 7th and 8th to Manitou Beach with live music at a variety of venues in the height of summer! Block off the 2nd weekend in July in your calendar and join us for a shake'n'bakin salty good time celebrating some of the best live music on the prairies in the most beautiful beach town from here to Tofino!

This ticket is valid for The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, The Garrys and Mason Melle at Danceland only.

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe
The Bobby Tenderloin Universe (Edmonton, AB):
The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a band, a community and a movement, but most of all it’s an excuse to don your western wear and give yourself over to the song and dance at the heart of every BTU show. Bobby enraptures his audiences with his deep, rich voice and thoughtful, tender lyrics, rustling up a fresh new take on the old country we all love. Some say he exhibits the sincerity of Johnny Cash, the wit of Roger Millar, and vocal stylings and production sensibilities of Lee Hazlewood. He and his band are lifelong friends and it shows in the way they bring the songs to life.

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe - Bandcamp

The Garrys
The Garrys (Saskatoon, SK):
The Garrys are a band of siblings from the coldest part of the landlocked Canadian prairies.Formed in the spring of 2015, The Garrys use layered 3-part blood harmonies, hazy sun-bleached melodies, classic lo-fi guitar tones, and syncopated surf beats to create a unique“doom-wop” sound, dripping with dark nostalgia and touched by psychedelic dread. Their music is likely to leave you with an urge to do the Watusi, bittersweet thoughts about slow-dancing with your middle school crush, or a nagging feeling that it’s not quite safe to go back into the water.

The Garrys - Website

Mason Melle
Mason Melle (Winnipeg, MB):
With a sound straight out of the 70’s country and rock charts, Melle’s debut EP “Mason Melle” (2019), fits right alongside Bob, Tom, Neil, and Willie. His poetic storytelling lyrics pull you into movie scenes of falling in love with a French dancer, the self fulfilling prophecy of a small town wrestler, and the struggle of living a lie you’re told is the truth.

Mason Melle - Spotify
Mason Melle - Instagram

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