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Salt Shaker: SSRB, f0rm, Booji Bomb

Saturday, July 9, 2022
9:00 PM / Spa Terrace at Manitou
The Salt Shaker Festival!

The Salt Shaker Festival is coming July 8th and 9th to Manitou Beach with live music at a variety of venues in the height of summer! Block off the 2nd weekend in July in your calendar and join us for a shake'n'bakin salty good time celebrating some of the best live music on the prairies in the most beautiful beach town from here to Tofino!


Squaresoundroundbody (aka SSRB + Tim) is a prairie raised veteran DJ and record enthusiast. Keeping soulful sounds at the heart of each performance, he combines a wide-range of musical influences. SSRB is dedicated to delivering a sweaty experience for all on the dance floor. During the day, Tim, co-owns and manages T+A Vintage and Core Coffee and he is the co-founder of Swamp Fest music and arts festival in Regina, SK (

f0rm f0rm

f0rm is an electronic music producer from Saskatoon. He creates a wide variety of electronic music styles including lofi-house, techno, vaporwave, and future funk. F0rm has released six electronic albums and has collaborated with CVLVTVRE and other artists through splits and remixes. His live performance consists of analog hardware, samplers, and sequencers.

Check out f0rm here!

Booji Bomb Ezra Harvey

Booji Bomb plays with sounds and melodies to make pop music from another world. Most often colourful and cartoonish, the music can topple into stressful, hectic spasms or drift into calming, floating melancholy. No matter the mood, a sense of playfulness pervades the music. Inspired by new wave, techno, and PS1/N64 BGM, the music is characterized by synthesizer voices singing call-and-response melodies over off-kilter, grooving dance rhythms formed from warped samples and bouncy basslines. Genre: Intelligent Dumb Music

Check out Booji Bomb here!

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