The Broadway Theatre

A Rez Christmas Carol

Sunday, December 18, 2022
2:00 PM / Broadway Theatre

Show at 2PM. Doors at 1:30PM. Until further notice mask-wear is required when attending events at The Broadway Theatre.

A Rez Christmas Carol is a comedic look at life on the Rez during the Christmas season. Purdy Parsimonias is a scrooge-like band manager who catches the attention of the Spirits of the Four Directions. The Spirits take Purdy on a journey through the lives of the people she has affected. The consequences of Ms. Purdy’s choices and actions are revealed to her as the events of the story unfold creating a humorous and moving look at life on the Rez at Christmas time. Great fun for all ages!

Directed by Danny Knight

Performed by:

Jennifer Dawn Bishop

Cory Dallas Standing

Shawn Cuthand

Dalton Lightfoot

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