The Broadway Theatre

Tunic w/ Grey Light District and Yarbo

Thursday, May 25, 2023
10:00 PM / Blackcat Tavern
Offsite Event
TUNIC Featuring GREY LIGHT DISTRICT and YARBO THE BLACK CAT TAVERN Thursday May 25th, 2023 19+ Tickets available through TUNIC (ArtofFact Recording artists) - For all the chaos and aggression in Tunic’s songs, the Winnipeg trio is haltingly perceptive and emotionally resonant. Composed of singer-guitarist David Schellenberg and drummer Dan Unger, the punk band is responsible for bracingly intense full-lengths about the anxieties and insecurities of daily life, including the 2021 LPs Quitter and Exhaling. But with their third album Wrong Dream, which is out via Artoffact on April 28, they’ve written their most introspective and adventurous music yet. Across nine unpredictable songs, they grapple with integrity, grief, tumultuous relationships, and universal questions that come with trying to do the right thing. Co-produced by Seth Manchester (The Body, METZ) and stand-in bassist Drew Riekman (Blessed), it’s a document of a band pushing themselves as far away from complacency as possible to make something intentional and compelling. LISTEN: With guests: GREY LIGHT DISTRICT - Cryptic Noise-Rock/Post-Hardcore Trio GREY LIGHT DISTRICT have resurfaced from a long hiatus with a collection of their most haunting and confrontational works to date; ritual audio that balances spiralling atmosphere and strident abrasion with an unnervingly certain hand. YARBO - YARBO is screaming and riffs, whatever you wanna call it. Too fast to be grunge, too lazy to be metal, too nerdy to be punk, too ugly to be rock n roll.

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